North Commuter Parkway Construction Project

The GCP Team

The City of Saskatoon selected Graham Commuter Partners General Partnership (GCP) to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the North Commuter Parkway and Traffic Bridge Project. The two leading highway engineering, construction and maintenance firms of BBGI and Graham Capital have come together to deliver this Project as Graham Commuter Partners.

BBGI is a global infrastructure and Public Private Partnership (P3) investor that owns and manages 38 high quality P3 projects around the world (including ten transportation projects that incorporate over 200 structures globally, over 70 in North America, and 1,150 single-lane kms).

Graham has proudly worked in Saskatchewan for over 90 years, providing general contracting, design-build, construction management and P3 services to the building, industrial and infrastructure sectors.

Graham has delivered, or is delivering, five LRT projects, 28 schools, three ring roads (over 600 single-lane kms), and four hospitals through Public Private Partnerships.

Graham Commuter Partners has contracted Graham Infrastructure LP to design and build the North Commuter Parkway and Traffic Bridge Project.

Graham Commuter Partners has also contracted the local firm ASL Paving Ltd. to operate and maintain the project.